Blizzard Follow Up

Developing, owning and managing Real Estate requires that a company be as Pro-Active as possible. DELUCO Organization continually strives to identify and solve problems before they occur. This has been extremely beneficial to us and our clients. But not everyone does what we do.... that's the DELUCO Difference!

A blizzard is coming! Are you prepared?


Winter Tips!

Is your property manager being proactive in preventing potential problems caused by colder temperatures?

DELUCO Organization - Experts in Collecting Fees

Do you own a condominium? Is your condo association and property manger having a hard time collecting unpaid fees from delinquent owners in the building? If you're worried about your building's finances, DELUCO Organization knows how to get the job done when other property managers don't - that's the DELUCO Difference.

A Hurricane is Coming... Be Prepared!

News reports indicate a hurricane is heading our way, or at the least some very nasty weather! If you live in an apartment building this video includes some tips to be prepared that your property manager should already be checking.

DELUCO Displays a Bad Roof

Tony DeLuco, President and CEO of DELUCO Organization, displays what a bad roof - which can cost condo owners big money if not taken care of - looks like. This is not a DELUCO managed building, but if your roof does have these issues, and your property manager isn't taking care of it, contact us because we will get the job done!

Community Involvement - That's the DELUCO Difference

Tony DeLuco - President & CEO of DELUCO Organization - knows the importance of being involved with communities, because that's the DELUCO Difference! Read a few of the articles below highlighting some of his work:

Developer puts up reward to catch suspects in JC shooting    more...

JC pizzeria owners seek $$ for niece with leukemia Infant in Greece needs donations for lifesaving transplant    more...

Building a super neighborhood association JC developer/resident holds meeting to bring together groups    more...

When your Property Manager knows Construction...

The DELUCO Organization incorporates construction as an integral part of the real estate business, especially as it relates to development and property management. This ensures a seamless approach to providing effective solutions to any real property challenges.

Getting ripped off by your property manager?

CONDO OWNERS: Think you're getting ripped of by your property manager? That's because you probably are.

DELUCO Organization Property Management - Creating Lifestyles

CONDO OWNERS: Not happy with your current property management company? If so, DELUCO Organization may be the company you've been looking for.