DELUCO Organization

The DELUCO Organization is a privately owned real estate firm that engages in a range of residential and commercial activities including development, construction, property management, brokerage and consultancy.

The DELUCO name has been associated with real estate for several decades. In that time we have bought, sold, built, leased, brokered, and managed hundreds of properties of all types.

Our offices are located in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Anthony (“Tony” DeLuco) got his first view of the real estate business as a child often hanging around his father’s office. As a teenager he visited construction sites, worked in multi-family buildings, and attended meetings where he was introduced to the business and political communities.

During his college years Tony continued to learn the business and purchased his first multifamily, mix-use building in Jersey City. He was just 19 years old.

By his mid-20’s he entered the construction business in New York City renovating multifamily and mid-rise buildings in the Bronx and Queens. In addition, his company did fire restoration, interior and full demolition, as well as, new home construction in Jersey City. During the 1990’s Tony sold his construction business to focus exclusively on his true passion; real estate development.

Today, Tony is known as one of the most diverse operators in the real estate business. He is involved with development, property management, sales, leasing, and consultation. His expertise is often sought by other developers, attorneys, executive boards, and those in the finance industry.